Spike – Career Cat

Meet Spike –
barn cat, mouser & official greeter

Two years ago, Jamestown Feed & Seed Garden Store Food Manager Brian Watts and his wife, Catherine, were discussing a barn cat, Spike, that had recently been surrendered to Heritage Humane Society (HHS).  Catherine was familiar with Spike from her time at HHS. Brian was looking for a way to keep field mice out of the barn. As fate would have it, Spike proved to be the solution to Brian’s problem and the impetus for the creation of the HHS Career Cat program.

Shirley Hatten & Brian Watts with Spike

Not every cat is a lap cat.  Some are happiest when using their instinctual, innate talents of pest management.  In Spike’s case, his pest-management skills took some time to fully develop. Today he is “part of the family and runs the place,” according to Shirley Hatten, owner of Jamestown Feed & Seed Garden Store.  He is now the greeter-in-chief to all who visit the establishment.  He particularly loves the green carpeted area where he lounges and waits for customers to pet and praise him.  He meows instructions to open doors and loves sleeping in empty office chairs and large feed bags in the barn.  He occasionally visits the catnip area of the store.  Those are very interesting days!  I’m told he is quite the catnip connoisseur.

Jamestown Feed & Seed has supported the Heritage Humane Society for over eight years now.  They often host animal adoption events for cats and dogs.  Last week’s event found homes for two of Spike’s contemporaries, Tweedy and Butter.

Career Cats

HHS Career Cat’s program finds local barns, warehouses, wineries, distilleries, greenhouses and residential homes willing to adopt “working” cats.  This arrangement benefits everyone but particularly for those independent minded felines.  When their day’s work is done, they enjoy the love, attention , appreciation and affection of their forever families.

Heritage Humane Staff with Butter

Do you know a family that would benefit from a Career Cat?  For more information about the Career Cats, contact the Heritage Humane Society located at 430 Waller Mill Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185 or call 757-221-0150.  Tell them the Pet Reporter sent you.

Do you have a Pet Story?  Contact the Pet Reporter at bob.tubbs@cox.net

Contributing editor:  Ty Hodges, Donor Relations and Publications Coordinator, Heritage Humane Society


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