Meet Ford – Manager, Marketer & Tourism Consultant

Ford office picLast November, Alliance Social Media Expert, Patrick Quinn, realized that there was an entire market segment not being addressed with the Williamsburg message…the feline market!  Their challenge?  Find a feline marketing expert.  Their answer, Ford.

Ford is a seasoned, senior feline with over 12 years of life experience.  He resume included a short stint at the Heritage Humane Society (HHS) and living abroad in Germany.  He was the cat for the job!

Since then, Ford has been an invaluable contributor.  He supervises the Alliance staff.  He is “a strong advocate of well-portioned meals, noon naps and frequent belly-rubs”  according to Jill Pongonis, Alliance Tourism Events Manager.  He often participates in conference calls (mostly on laps) and enjoys occasional field trips to staff homes for important team-building, bonding encounters and treats.  The office lint brush is used for more than just dandruff now after his arrival. He occasionally hosts radio talk shows on Williamsburg’s local radio station, WMBG AM 740.

ford-jill-patrickHis managerial style has a calming effect throughout the office.  He does seem to have favorites, namely Jill and Patrick…frequently seen in their offices in boxes especially designed for him.

The Williamsburg Chamber and Alliance are strong supporter of the Heritage Humane Society.  CEO Karen Riordan sits on the HHS Board of Directors and has been involved with animal organizations and advocacy throughout her career.  Karen, her husband Mike and daughter Grace recently adopted 10 year old Jax and he and their other dog, Dottie, are best of friends.

Career Cats

HHS Career Cat’s program finds local barns, offices, warehouses, wineries, distilleries, greenhouses and residential homes willing to adopt “working” cats or office mascots, like Ford.  This arrangement benefits everyone but particularly for those independent minded felines.  When their day’s work is done, they enjoy the love, attention , appreciation and affection of their forever families and/or co-workers.

Do you know a family, business or barn that would benefit from a Career Cat?  For more information about the Career Cats, contact the Heritage Humane Society located at 430 Waller Mill Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185 or call 757-221-0150.  You can also donate directly to support other HHS initiatives.  Tell them the Pet Reporter sent you.

Do you have a Pet Story?  Contact the Pet Reporter  at

Contributing editor:  Ty Hodges, Donor Relations and Publications Coordinator, Heritage Humane Society

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